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This site is dedicated to saving organizations money.  As a CPA, I regularly saw organizations, for-profit businesses as well as non-profit firms, that needed financial information and had no where to turn but an expensive accountant.  This information was required by a bank because there was a loan.  Or the information was needed to prepare tax returns.  In some cases, the information was needed to show to people who invested something into the business, whether time, money, or something else.  And in most cases I watched CPA firms charge astronomical amounts for this information, much of which could have been gathered by the people in the organization.   I watched businesses that had cash flow problems being forced to turn to accounting firms to create income statements or balance sheets and, thereby, make the cash flow situation worse. 

In these tough economic times, there needs to be help for small organizations and this site is dedicated to providing just that.  For a small fee and work done by you, you can have a professional income statement or balance sheet.  It comes down to gathering some information and inputting that information into this site.  It is that simple.  As far as confidentiality, no data is saved after you close down your browser or return to the home page so no one can steal your information and use it for other purposes.  The goal is to provide you a safe but professional service that will satisfy those that need financial statements.

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