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About This Site

This site is dedicated to the teaching and learning of mathematics.  When you click on the Topics link to the left, you will see a hyperlink for each the math topics supported by this site.  On each link in capital letters is the major topic such as Algebra or Statistics.  The following description states the specific topic for that link.  At the end of each link is the affordable cost for the topic; many are FREE.

Each lesson consists of three parts, all of which are optional:  an explanation part, an example part, and a quiz part.  The lesson part explains the topic in very easy to understand language.  It gives any formulas needed as well as steps to completing a problem.  The lesson also gives one random example and explains how to do the problem.  The example is different each time you read the topic lesson.  Immediately below the lesson example are two hyperlinks -- one for another example and one to begin a quiz.

The link for view an example presents another problem and how it is to be solved, step by step.  The problems are create by random numbers so that you rarely get the same problem twice.  View as many examples as you like until you understand the process.

The quiz link gives you the opportunity to quiz yourself.  Problems are generated randomly.  You can enter an answer and check to see if the answer is correct.  The website keeps track of your score while you are taking the quiz.  Do as many or as few problems as you like.  Many of the topics are designed so that as you take the quiz and get questions correct, the questions get more and more difficult.  Someone who does not understand the topic and gets the questions wrong will not have the difficulty increase.  But for the person getting the questions correct, the difficulty increases.

The topics that are not free are priced affordably.  To access these topics you must register yourself once with the link on the right and then log in to the site.  When you log in each time, there will be a link on the left to Buy Topics.  Clicking on this will bring up a list of topics that can be purchased.  Click on one or several and press Submit.  You will be given a confirmation page and then will be asked to press the Paypal button.  Press this button will take you to Paypal so you can enter a credit/debit card number.  If you do not have an account with Paypal, you can set one up at this time.  Follow the simple directions to complete the transaction.  Once completed, you will be given two weeks (14 days) access to the chosen topic or topics.  During this time you will have unlimited access to these topics.  I would suggest checking out the FREE topics before purchasing the others.  That way you know the type of instruction you will be receiving.

About Me

I have been teaching mathematics for over 15 years as a full-time and adjunct instructor in several community colleges and technical schools.  I have seen thousands of students pass through my classes, each with varying needs.  During this time, I have learned several things.

First, every student learns differently.  Some students just need a verbal lesson on what to do and can then do it.  Some students just need some examples shown to them before understanding the topic.  Finally, some students just need to work the problems themselves to understand completely.  That is why there is a lesson, examples, and a quiz for each topic.

Second, I know that learning mathematics takes practice; it does not come by sleeping over it.  Students must work problems in order to master them.  For some it may be just a few problems.  For others, many problems.  That is why there is a quiz feature so that a student can practice the topic as many times as needed.  As stated above, for many of the topics as the student gets problems correct, the problems get a little more difficult so that the student is continuously challenged.

Finally, I have learned that many students like having a topic broken down into steps.  In almost every topic I have done just that.  The lesson gives the steps that need to be completed and the example shows how to do specific problems, step by step.  Learning steps allows a student to develop a consistent pattern for doing a problem so it becomes a habit.

I wish you the best in learning mathematics!

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